​​About our name...

It’s always good to visit friends.  Many years ago we went out by Weatherford, Texas for a friend gathering and saw a street sign “TIN TOP ROAD”.  Well, at our age not many things stick in our memory, but that did.  We figured there must be a purpose.  When choosing a name for the band all the rivers, creeks, mountains and highways were taken.  So we used that little road in Weatherford that still had a spot in our memory.  Many have commented that they have seen that little road just off I20 outside Fort Worth, Texas.  We hope next time they see it they remember that bluegrass band in East Texas.

Steve Partain

Band Leader

Banjo, Guitar, & Vocals

Fairfield, TX

Steve is new to bluegrass, but not new to the music scene. Steve spent several years singing in a gospel quartet and playing rhythm guitar for church choirs and soloists. The bluegrass style of music became his passion after moving out of the city in 2003.

Kathie Partain

Mandolin & Vocals

Fairfield, TX

Kathie has always been around music growing up. She started singing as a teenager, but discovered bluegrass about 25 years ago on a family vacation to the Ozarks. Picking up the mandolin in 2009 brought her attraction for bluegrass to a new level. She enjoys jammin and performing with her husband, Steve. "God is so good to allow us to have this passion we can enjoy together", says Kathie.

Clif Allen


Fairfield, TX

Clif began keeping the beat playing the drums for his church youth group and while earning a degree at Texas A&M. Changing gears to Bluegrass, the bass was a natural fit for him. He especially likes the beat of the newer Bluegrass styles. Clif is happily married to Katie, and together have 3 children, Anna, Emma & Isaac.

Jeff Harrison

Dobro & Vocals

Fairfield, TX

Jeff started playing bluegrass in the unlikely town of San Antonio, adding an obsession to an already developed love of early country, western swing, cowboy music and Hot Club jazz. The last 20 years he has traveled the world with his Air Force Major wife Beth. Now retired, he can focus on pickin', singin', and having fun with the group.

Dennis Conn

Guitar & Vocals

Elkhart, TX

Bands and fiddle contest backup are only part of the 40+ years of guitar pickin and singing that Dennis has shared. Gospel, country, bluegrass and even a little Texas swing are all part of his love for music. Bluegrass is his favorite style of music, and his enthusiasm for it comes out every time he plays.