The news of her talent spread quickly and was quite the

buzz among the bluegrass community.  Anxious to learn as

much as possible, she attended as many of the bluegrass events that she could. She was the shining star of any jam. Soon, her talents were sought after by other bands. Her family began to play as well and they formed the Coursey Family Band.

They were such a joy; playing at festivals, monthly shows and volunteering their time at the local community center and nursing home. 

She had to take a step back from the long hours and travel demands of the stage and left our band to focus on school, church and, well, being a kid.  She is becoming an amazing young lady. Today you can usually find her playing at Glen Rose, TX with The Paluxy Pickers.

Her talent isn't just limited to the fiddle. Marlys is a very gifted musician and can play just about any instrument she picks up. Sing? Yes, she can. Like a bird. We continue our friendship with Marlys and her family. What a blessing to watch her from year to year.

Thank you, Marlys, for sharing your time with us.   

We love you, Steve, Kathie, Jeff, Clif, Dennis

Marlys - The Fiddlin' Princess!

In October of 2011 we met this talented young fiddler at the Turkey Track Bluegrass Festival in Arkansas. Nine-year-old Marlys Coursey was bouncing from jam to jam with her supportive parents close behind, looking for any opportunity to learn and grow in the 'art of bluegrassin.'  Just a couple of year later we asked her to join our bluegrass band and she became our fiddlin' princess! 

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